Proven solutions to protect and enhance the life of your building or home.

Our high-tech treatments improve energy efficiency, comfort and offer high-performance solutions to reduce our ecological footprint. Each of our products is not only “Green”, but also helps to reduce energy costs, extend life, or improve daily comfort.

With these “Smart Green” solutions, we can collectively change our footprint on the planet.

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Keep the heat on the right side of your window

Tired of additional heat through your windows on sunny days or heat loss during the winter?

SketchThermo is the ultimate nanotechnology solution: by creating a thermal barrier on your windows, this liquid coating reduces UV radiation by 99.9% and infrared radiation by 85%, improving comfort while saving energy. The interior application process is efficient and maintains the highest glass clarity in the industry.

Before you replace your windows, consider an environmentally smart choice.


A PERMANENT treatment, done once in the life of the material. 

Our concrete, bricks and paving stones are systematically attacked by freeze-thaw cycles, de-icers and other cleaning products.

SketchMinero is the solution: it is a waterproofing and non-film-forming treatment that crystallizes in the pores of the substrate and protects its natural appearance. This treatment does not alter adhesion and allows the material to breathe properly.

Mineralization is the right choice to prolong the life of all our porous materials.

Sketch Thermo-Shield

Space shuttle technology for your building envelope

Sketch Thermo-Shield®

The stresses of each season are felt on both the roof and the exterior envelope of each building.

Sketch Thermo-Shield®, based on technology developed at NASA, offers a complete line of insulation and waterproofing products. From the roof down, each product is designed to extend the life of the exterior envelope and improve insulation through applications of nano-ceramic liquids.

Give your roof and exterior envelope a new life while reducing energy costs.

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