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We are the Protectors of the Built Estate

Sketch Nanotechnologies has seen consistent growth since its inception. Each step has allowed us to better realize our vision, which is to solidify our collectivity for the world of tomorrow.


Offer solutions that promote the protection of built heritage, while reducing the ecological footprint of new buildings and civil infrastructures in need of maintenance or repairs.

It is always difficult to work on a building or an infrastructure; however, the heritage aspect adds an additional level of complexity. Therefore, we have decided to offer to the North American market solutions protecting their local heritage.

These innovative solutions will disrupt the usual ways of thinking for the construction and renovation industries. They will provide more opportunities for both government representatives and stakeholders, seeking alternatives to traditional replacement as well as for citizens to protect and improve their valued investments.


We believe that every effort — big and small — must be made to improve the future for our next generations. Thankfully, today’s technological advances allow us to be more efficient when it comes to using energy intelligently — and that’s exactly what we at Sketch Nanotechnologies believe we can do to make a difference.


We provide expert consulting services in the application of nano-technological coatings for sustainable protection of structures while encouraging energy savings. Ultimately, our environmental impact helps owners and managers improve their performance and avoid replacement costs.


We are committed to working with organizations at the municipal, provincial and federal levels to broadcast the results of studies on the effectiveness of our solutions and to raise awareness among stakeholders of the economic, social and cultural benefits of the protection of built heritage.


We will actively manage and improve our environmental, social and corporate performance to make our organization a role model while build capacity for the benefit of our stakeholders and society at large.

Modernization, adaptation to standards, without damaging the environment!

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As the Exclusive Distributor for Canada, we are proud partners of Japan-based Sketch, Co. Ltd., a company which has already demonstrated the efficiency of its products throughout the world. Sketch Co. Ltd coatings have 14 International Exclusive Distributors and has been sold in 33 countries.

Sketch International
Sketch Co Ltd. International Exclusive Distributors

Exclusive Distributors: Canada, USA, South China (15 Provinces), Korea Busan area, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand

Other sales areas: Brazil, Chile, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, India, Dubai, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Cambodia, Russia, Lithuania, Pakistan, South Africa, Belgium,Italy


We have partnered with Hydro Mineral International to introduce their treatments to North America.

HYDRO-MINERAL provides high-performance and durable technical solutions for the protection of your assets and heritage. Efficient and easy to use, their new generation of mineralizers, water repellents and cleaners adapt to the requirements and needs of professionals. With more than 30 years of research, laboratory tests and a multitude of projects, HYDRO-MINERAL is today internationally recognized as “the specialist in mineral chemistry .”

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