About Us

Drawing a smarter tomorrow

We distribute innovative coating products that provide energy efficiency, conservation, savings and recuperation for all types of buildings. We are proud partners of Japan-based Sketch, Co. Ltd., a company that has already demonstrated the efficiency of its products throughout the world.

We continually work on offering solutions dedicated to improving comfort, while offering energy savings, both at work and at home.

If you are the manager of a commercial, industrial or institutional building, it’s a safe bet that we have the ideal solution to make your network smarter and more energy efficient.

Our Mission

We seek to make our high-quality products accessible and available to all clients, and to bring energy costs down while doing our part to protect and improve the environment.

Our products aim to achieve rational energy use, through saving , reducing waste and unnecessary use of energy.

A quick look at our Japan-made product

Our Values

We believe that every effort — big and small — must be made to improve the future for our next generations. Thankfully, today’s technological advances allow us to be more efficient when it comes to using energy intelligently — and that’s exactly what we at Sketch Nanotechnologies believe we can do to make a difference.

Please note that the content that appears on this website is for information purposes only and has been provided by Sketch Co. Ltd. of Japan.

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