Berlin, Germany

Window Innovations from Red Deer, Alberta has been enlisted to improve the energy efficiency of one of the oldest and few remaining historical buildings that survived the bombings of WWII in Berlin Germany.

SketchNanoGard reduces Infrared Rays (IR) up to 85% and Ultra Violet Rays (UV) up to 100%. It prevents heat from entering through the windows in the summer, and it prevents heat from escaping out in the winter.  This translates to more comfortable and consistent temperatures all year round, and extends the lifespan of HVAC systems since they don’t have to work so hard to moderate temperature.”, commented Stefan Forschle, Chief Operations Manager at Window Innovations.

Forschle adds, “As a small Red Deer, AB based company we are thrilled to be able to provide our service this far abroad.  It is rather impressive that a Canadian company is ahead of the typical leading European energy savings sector.”

Forschle and his team of application specialists will arrive in Berlin, on June 15th and plan to complete level one of the project by June 24th.

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