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The Saputo Dairy Products Canada’s head office in Montreal, Quebec, is a South and West facing building. Due to high heat gain through the windows, resulting in higher air conditioning requirements to maintain a consistent ambient temperature, a solution was needed to diminish the heat gain while conserving energy.


Application of SketchNanoGard SP, which blocks 99.9% of UV rays, 80% of Infrared rays, has a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.32 and Visible Light Transmission of 75%. SketchNanoGard Thermal also reduces heating loss through windows in the colder periods.


Without affecting the Visible Light Transmission, SketchNanoGard Thermal-SP was applied to three offices and the main meeting room, locations affected by heat gain, as pilot projects to confirm our nano-coating’s effectiveness. Due to the positive results, on-going applications were planned.

“The Sketch Nanotechnologies team has a very detailed approach to their work. From the first applications, we have noticed a reduction in heat gain and more consistent ambient temperatures. On-going, these efforts will contribute to energy conservation throughout the year while helping reach our sustainability goals. We are pleased to be working with Sketch Nanotechnologies for other areas of our offices.”

Martin Scuccimarri
Director Environmental Affairs & Sustainability
Directeur Affaires Environnementales & Dev. Durable

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